How to Entertain a Cockatiel



Talk to your cockatiel.,
Take your cockatiel out of its cage regularly.,
Train your cockatiel.,
Allow your cockatiel to use its wings.

A cockatiel can be entertained quite a bit by having a conversation with you. Talk to it daily in a sweet and calm voice. They can also be good mimics and often like to respond to a person who whistles or sings to them.

If your cockatiel begins talking, whistling, or singing, you should respond. It is likely trying to lure you into interacting with it.

, It is important to physically interact with your cockatiel on a regular basis. This will begin by taking it out of its cage. Many birds will willingly come out of their cage if you stick your finger into the cage and allow them to perch on it. Other birds, however, will need to be tamed and trained to do this.

To judge whether your cockatiel wants to come out of its cage, you should try to read its gestures. Sometimes your bird will be interested in interacting with you and other times it will want to be left alone.

, You can really stimulate your bird’s brain and give it lots of entertainment by training it to respond to your commands. This could simply be training it to leave its cage on command, which is usually done with a step up method that trains the bird to step onto your hand. It could also be training to search out treats around a room when you have the bird out of its cage.If your bird has a hard time stepping directly onto your hand, you can train it to step onto a stick instead.

, Even if your bird’s wings are clipped, it should still be able to complete short flights if it is healthy. When you have it out of its cage, let it fly around the room a little bit. This will give it some much needed exercise and will allow it to keep its wing strength up.Before you let your cockatiel fly, make sure all doors and windows are closed. Also make sure that there are no other pets in the room that could harm it, such as a cat or dog.

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