How to Enjoy a Middle School Crush



Find out if your crush likes you too.,
Ask your crush on a date.,
Remember that sometimes having the crush is the best part.

Another benefit of talking to your friends about your crush is that they can get information for you. Or you can find out for yourself. Does your crush look nervous around you? Does their face become flush or do they look away sometimes? Those may be good signs.

If a girl plays with her necklace, flicks her hair, or rolls up her sleeves, she might like you. If a guy breathes in and pulls his shoulders back or stands like a cowboy, with his hands on his hips and thumbs hooked through his belt loop – he might like you. , Think of creative ways to approach your crush about going on a date with you. Search on the Internet for unique ways or ask friends about how they got their boyfriends or girlfriends to go out with them. And if they say yes, plan a memorable date that’s fun for both of you. A few things to remember:

Don’t ramble. Keep it simple.
Make it an offer worth their time.
Surprise them with something out of the ordinary.
Don’t underestimate the power of just being confident.
Make good eye contact and smile at them., Half of the fun of getting a guy or girl is the challenge before the catch. Enjoy the feeling of liking someone before getting wrapped up in what will happen next. Middle school is a special time for this special feeling.

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