How to Encourage a Cat to Use Its Bed



Observe where your cat likes to sleep.,
Place the bed in a low traffic area.,
Give your cat a good view.,
Elevate the bed or go with a perch if your cat likes height.,
Try a new spot if your cat ignores its bed.

Paying attention to where your cat likes to sleep will help you find a good spot for its bed. Most cats like to sleep in warm areas that offer safety and seclusion but still offer a good vantage point.If you notice your cat likes to sleep in a specific spot, try placing the bed at or nearby that location first.;
, Cats prefer to maintain some personal space, so go with a quiet location away from your home’s main thoroughfares. In high traffic areas, your cat will feel like it’s always visible and won’t want to rest or sleep.Examples of quiet spots include a spare bedroom, under a table, or a quiet corner in the den or living room.

, Cats love to be able to see without being seen. In addition to providing warmth, placing the bed by a sunlit window lets your cat watch out for passing birds and other wildlife.Partially concealing the bed with floor-length curtains will further encourage your cat to use it. The window will provide a view and warmth, and the curtains will give it a sense of security.

, Cats naturally enjoy heights and, for some, sleeping on the floor makes them feel too vulnerable.Try placing the bed on an ottoman, chair, or other piece of furniture. You could also provide your cat with a tree perch or a bed that attaches to a window sill.An elevated perch might be your best option if your cat prefers sleeping on the back of the sofa, a dining room chair, or other elevated surface.
It might seem counterintuitive to place a bed on a chair or sofa, but it might help you reduce the amount of cat hair that builds up on your furniture.

,  If your cat doesn’t seem interested in a new bed, your first solution should be to switch up its location. Finding a more desirable spot for the bed is usually an effective way to encourage your cat to use it. Place the bed somewhere secluded, sunlit, and warm, or where you see it sleeping the most.You can also try moving it to various spots in your home to follow the sun as it moves across the sky.

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