How to Encourage a Cat to Use Its Bed



Use catnip to coax your cat to its bed.,
Try lining the bed with clothing or fabric that smells like you.,
Provide your cat with multiple beds.

If it seems disinterested, try sprinkling some catnip in the bed to encourage your cat to lay in it.Keep in mind catnip makes some cats mellow, others more playful, and has no effect on almost half of cats. For best results, pay attention to how your cat reacts to catnip., While cats prefer a nice, clean bed, they also love familiar scents.Line the bed with a towel or old article of clothing with your scent. Fleece is a great fabric choice, as most cats enjoy how it feels.Making its bed smell like you will help encourage your cat to use its bed instead of getting into your bed.

, Cats instinctively sleep in multiple locations over the course of a day.To encourage bed use, try placing multiple beds throughout your home in each of its preferred sleeping locations.Try incorporating different kinds of beds, like elevated beds, cave or hooded beds, and pillow beds.
From using cardboard boxes to repurposing an old sweater, you can reduce the cost of providing multiple beds by creating homemade cat beds.

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