How to Eat In Front of Your Crush



Chew with you mouth closed.,
Swallow before you talk.,
Cover your mouth with a napkin.

Of course you want to look attractive in front of your crush. There is nothing attractive about seeing the half-chewed food you are about to swallow. Read for more tips on chewing with your mouth closed.

Practice by chewing gum and making sure you keep your mouth closed.
Take smaller bites which fit better in your mouth and don’t require you to open too wide.
Eat softer foods which require less bite to get them down.

, Talking with your mouth full makes your words a mumbly mess while showing off your half-chewed food. No matter how great of a quick quip of a response you have to what someone just said, take the time to swallow before you speak. Don’t feel pressured to answer questions right away. Take your time to chew and swallow. This will also keep you from accidentally choking, or spitting food at your crush, either of which could be devastating!

If someone asks you a question while your mouth is full, put your finger up to signal you need a minute to swallow.
Model good etiquette by not asking anyone questions when they have their mouth full. You can even stop yourself mid-question and say, “Sorry, I’ll wait until you’re done eating.”

, If you do take a bite that is too big, or start to cough while you are chewing, grab your napkin and cover your mouth. This will hide any unsightly chewing and if you cough some food out, you can catch it in your napkin.

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