How to Drop Hints to a Girl That You Like Her



Introduce yourself to her by saying “hello.” You’ll need her to know that you exist.,
Break the ice with an indirect approach.,
Use her first name.,
Ask her what she does in her spare time.,
Laugh when she makes a joke.,
Smile at her.,
Talk about shared passions.,
Be yourself by sharing your true interests and values.

If you like a girl but haven’t had the chance to actually meet her, start with a simple introduction. Be relaxed and start with a simple greeting:You could say, “Hi! It’s so great to finally meet you. My name is John.”
You might say, “Hello! My name is Susan. So lovely to finally meet you!”;
, Although breaking the ice can be intimidating, try to find a way to keep the conversation going beyond an initial greeting. You might try an indirect approach, such as asking for a favor, making a statement, and expressing curiosity.If you are at the cafeteria, you could say, “Do you mind passing the salt?”
If you are at a coffee shop, you could say, “Wow, the dark roast is excellent!”

, Although it may sound simple, girls love it when you say their name in a conversation. When you address them in a conversation, remember to include their first name.For instance, you should use their name when you ask them for a favor. You could say, “Susan, could you pass the ketchup?”
You should also use their name when you ask them a question. For instance, you might say, “Susan, I was wondering, what inspired you to get into competitive swimming?”

, If you go to school or work together, you could ask her what she enjoys doing in her own time. By showing an interest in her life, you’ll be subtly hinting that you like her. If she shares something about her life, listen and learn!, Laughing is one of the best ways to drop a hint that you like a girl, especially if she has a sense of humor! If she cracks a joke, don’t be the person who ignores it or fails to get her way of seeing the world. Show your appreciation for her sense of humor!If you have an inside joke, bring it up often.
Crack a joke! Even if it’s lame, she’ll laugh at the attempt and may even find it cute.

, Since she makes you happy, express yourself with a nice grin! Be genuine and use body language, such as touching your face or hair while you smile. She’ll appreciate how friendly and genuine you are with her, and she may very well smile back!, You can develop a friendship with her by finding a common interest, such as a band or an artist you both like. Once you find a common interest, nurture the friendship by taking time to learn about your common interest together. For instance, if the band you like comes to town, you could see if she wants to go see them with you.Once you find a band you both like, you could ask her which album she likes best.
If you are both really into the same band, you could ask her on a concert date. You could say, “I have an extra ticket to the Drake concert in July. Do you want to go?”

, Instead of pretending to be someone you think she will like, you’re better off simply being yourself! Share your true interests, beliefs, values, and opinions. By giving an honest picture of yourself, you’ll be showing how much you like and respect her.

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