How to Drop Hints to a Girl That You Like Her



Buy her a fancy drink.,
Treat her to something sweet.,
Give her a book you really like.,
Make her a mix tape that tells a story!

Pick her up a nice coffee, fancy tea, wine, beer, or any other drink that she enjoys. Although you’ll still need to express your appreciation for her in conversation, it may give her a hint that you really enjoy spending time with her., Find out if she has a favorite dessert. The next time you hang out, give her something she really likes. For instance, you could treat her to an ice cream, candy, chocolate bar, crepe, chocolate cake, or a piece of pie.Ask her what she likes best. You might say, “what’s your favorite candy bar?”

, You could start finding common interests by sharing books with her. Although she may not have the same taste in reading, you can express how much you value her opinion and ideas by sharing a book that you really like. After she reads it, listen to her opinions about the book. If you show a genuine interest in her ideas, she’ll hopefully get the hint that you like her on multiple levels, including her mind!Don’t be offended if she doesn’t like the book. You can always find other things in common!

, Express your feelings for her by compiling a mix tape. Add songs that you have listened to together, as well as songs that you want her to hear because of their significance for you. Try to tell a story with the mix tape, such as a story about your growing relationship or your feelings for her.Instead of a tape, make a Spotify playlist for her.
Give the mix tape after you have had a chance to get to know her.

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