How to Dress Warmly for Horse Riding



Prepare a thermal t-shirt or long sleeve top – sometimes called a skin.,
Put on some thick jodhpurs, maybe even two pairs of them.,
Put on one or two sleeved tops.,
Put on two or three hoodies or jumpers.,
Put on a thick coat or puffy/puffer jacket.,
Wear a neck warmer.,
Have lots of fun!

These are very handy, but are optional, as they can be expensive. If you do not have a skin, just wear a fitted t-shirt as your first layer.;
, You need to keep your legs warm and moving so that the horse is still responsive to your aids.

, This will enclose the heat in your first layer, making sure that no body heat escapes from you. It doesn’t have to be a particularly tight, clean, expensive or thermal one, just one that fits and isn’t too small.

, These will enclose more heat, are really cosy and they are fashionable. You can get a fairly high quality one for not a lot of money.

, This will wrap everything up and will keep you warm and trendy

, This is like a scarf, but is a wool tube that fits around your neck to prevent you from being choked, very thick socks or a couple pairs of normal thermal socks, and earmuffs. You can get earmuffs that fit nicely under your horse riding hat. You can get special headbands which go over your ears. But make sure you can still hear the instructor!

, Winter can be cold and miserable, but if you follow these instructions, you should be toasty warm and you can enjoy riding in winter months!

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