How to Dress for an English Horse Show



Wear the correct boots for your age group.,
Find the correct colour.,
Look clean.,
Wear the correct jacket for your class and horse.,
Co-ordinate your shirt and tie with your riding jacket.,
Wear well fitting jodhpurs or breeches.,
Keep hair neat and tidy.,
Braid hair correctly.,
Wear a helmet.,
Wear a suitable hat for the show ring.,
Wear suitable gloves.,
Carry a suitable whip.,
Follow these basics for under 12 riders (but always check with your club’s requirements):

Riders 12 or under wear tan jodhpurs with brown paddock boots and garter straps (and a belt) that match
Riders 12 or under wear their hair in two braids with hair bows at the ends
If you are 12 or under but you are very tall, you can wear tall boots but it is not preferred

Follow these basics for 13 or older riders (but always check with your club’s requirements):

Riders 13 or older wear breeches (usually tan) with black tall boots and a black belt.

Riders on larger animals should ideally wear long boots whereas riders of smaller animals should wear ankle length boots.;
, Short boots should be ox-blood or brown in colouring and co-ordinated with the rest of the leather on the outfit. Long boots are usually black.

, Ensure boots have been freshly cleaned before entering a showing ring.

Polish your boots for a better look.


A show jacket should be navy, black or gray and can also be pinstriped in any of those colors.
For hunters, jackets must have only three buttons.
For jumpers, jackets can have four buttons, but most prefer three buttons.
Mountain and Moorland and hunter classes require a tweed jacket.
Riders in riding pony classes should wear a navy blue jacket.

, Ensure that you have a shirt and tie that match your jacket e.g. red tie, white shirt, navy jacket.

A show shirt is worn sometimes with a white stock tie or ratcatcher, plus a pin.
A show shirt is usually white but can be light blue, light purple, light pink or peach.

, Make sure you have jodhpurs you feel comfortable wearing because, depending on your chosen class, you’ll be spending a lot of time in them.

, Boys should keep their hair short enough to stay under a hat or long enough that it can be tied back easily. Girls should do the same but preferably have their hair long enough to be styled neatly under a hat, using a hairnet. Hair is worn up in a hairnet most of the time.

Ask someone how to put your hair in a hairnet if you don’t know how to do it.

, A neat plait or bun can go a long way to making you look more polished in the ring so try to style hair neatly before going into the ring.

, This is obligatory. Black is the preferred color. Some popular brands are Charles Owen, Samshield, and GPA. Some cheaper alternatives are Ovation or IRH.

, Your hat should always have a recognisable standard. Within a show ring you should wear a velvet hat with leather strap and the velvet of the hat should match the colour of your velvet jacket collar.

, Gloves you wear in the show ring should be comfortable enough to wear on a day to day basis but should look clean and not overly worn. They should match the colour of other leather accessories such as whip, boots and tack.

, Your whip should once again match the leather colour of other items, also there are usually restrictions on whip length under certain show societies.


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