How to Dress Around Your Crush



See how he dresses.,
Select a color.,
Stay in your price range.,
Choose a shirt.,
Pick out a pair of pants.,
Select a pair of shoes.,
Add some accessories.,
Wear makeup.,
Be appropriate.,But through all of this make sure to still be yourself and be comfortable, confident and positive about what you wear.

If he seems to like girls with more of a girly style, then dress girly. Watch what designs, colors, patterns, stores or styles he likes, and get some that you think he might be into.;
, You don’t want to look like a creep, but you also don’t want to look like “purple-girl.” Go to the store and ask a professional what colors would fit you, your body and your personality. Avoid wearing all of one color, but do have the colors clash in a good way.

, Even if you really think you love the boy, don’t go spending three-thousand dollars on clothes to impress him. Spend a decent amount, though, as you really like him.

, Make sure to choose a shirt that flatters your body shape. See which kind of shirt you like best, whether it’s tank-tops, turtle-necks, v-necks, etc. For shirts, it’s important to feel comfortable in them but to also look good in them, something even he would know is a perfect match.

, Try something that doesn’t make you look too big or small. If he is more punk try getting skinny jeans. They look good on anyone. Never try pants that are too, too tight. Skinny jeans are okay, but be sure you can even walk in them!

, Shoes are a must with style. Don’t go outside wearing clogs. Have shoes that a comfortable and look great too. Make sure that your shoes are appropriate to your activity.

, Accessories can be of any kind depending on who you are. If you are more preppy, then you might want to have a watch. But if you are scene, punk or emo you might want to try on some bangles or chokers. Remember that accessories can make or break the outfit.

, Do not wear too much makeup, as boys don’t like it. Wear some mild lip gloss, a little mascara, some blush, and any color eye-shadow you feel is nice. It is important to wear makeup, but just as important not to wear too much.

, Sure, you want to look sexy and hot, but not out of your comfort zone when it comes to showing skin. For example, if you don’t feel like coming to school wearing a shirt that shows your appendix or with bra sliding down your shirt, and you feel uncomfortable wearing those things you will appear a lot more relaxed and they will appreciate how comfortable you seem in your skin. You may think guys would like this, but they would really run away fast. Be hot, but don’t be inappropriate.


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