How to Do Lure‐Based Training with a Cat



Remove all food from your cat’s bowl within five minutes of feeding.,
Get a small portion of food that will lure your cat toward you.,
Present your cat with food and wait for it to come to you.,
Walk away and store the food if your cat doesn’t follow.,
Ignore your cat instead of punishing it.

If your cat has food lying around in its bowl all day long, it is less likely to obey when offered food. Five minutes after each feeding, pick up all food remaining in the bowl and save it for teaching tricks. If your cat learns that it needs to eat food while it is available, it will also respond better to treats., You can lure your cat with a small piece of kibble. Alternatively, to closely monitor how much you give out, you can try putting a liquid food in a syringe. Try, for example, yogurt or a mixture of wet food with water., If you are presenting your cat with an unfamiliar lure, like food in a syringe, you might want to let it sample the food. Then walk away, call your cat and wait for it to come., While you’re training your cat, your cat will try to train you. It might refuse to come to the food, hoping that you will learn to bring the food to it. Don’t concede. Walk further away. If the cat doesn’t follow, put the food up and try again another day. Hopefully, your cat will learn that it should take advantage of the offer while it stands.

If, after multiple tries, your cat still doesn’t respond to the food, it is likely that the food is not valuable enough to it. Try to find a more desirable treat to reward it with., Negative reinforcement, even spraying with a water bottle, will only make your cat less eager to be around you, making it harder to train it. It is better to ignore your cat when it does something bad and reward it when it performs a positive alternative.

For example, if your cat is scratching furniture, reward it with food when it goes for its scratching post. Then, when it scratches furniture, refuse to acknowledge its existence. Ultimately, it will learn that it receives positive results when it scratches surfaces that it is supposed to scratch.

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