How to Disinfect a Hamster’s Cage



Give her a safe space.,
Let him exercise.,
Treat him with kindness.

Hamsters like room to move, so make sure the cage is large enough. Bigger is better, so get the largest cage your space allows. Make sure not to place the cage near a direct heat source or in direct sunlight. You should also keep your hamster in the house, not the garage. The ideal temperature for a hamster is between 65-75 degrees.Make sure that his cage is out of reach of other household pets who might view the hamster as prey.
Remember that hamsters are nocturnal, so you may not want to place the cage in your bedroom.

, Hamsters like to move around. If possible, equip his cage with a wheel for him to run on. If you do not have a wheel, make sure that you take your hamster out of the cage occasionally so that he can roam around. Always supervise your hamster when he is out of the cage. Do not let him scurry under furniture or out the door.

, Remember to be gentle with your hamster. Try to avoid sudden movements or loud noises when you handle him. Hamsters do like interaction, and you should make time to handle and talk to your hamster every day.Provide him with a clean cage, toys, and healthy food and water to keep him happy and healthy.

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