How to Disinfect a Hamster’s Cage



Provide fresh food and water.,
Clean the hamster ball.,
Clean other toys.,
Disinfect all materials.

When you are done cleaning the cage, make sure to clean the water bottle and the food dish. Use the same method you used to clean the other parts of the cage, but use soapy water instead of disinfectant. Once the containers are dry, place them back in the cage with clean water and a fresh supply of food.You can feed your hamster commercial food from your local pet store. Provide about one teaspoon of the seed mix per day.
Use a ceramic food dish instead of a plastic one. Ceramic is more resistant to chewing.
Place the food dish as far as possible from your hamster’s bathroom corner. Hamsters are creatures of habit, and also very clean. They prefer their food to be separate from other activities.

, Many hamster owners purchase a clear plastic ball for their hamsters to roll around in. Hamsters enjoy being able to move around and change their viewpoint. The ball is also a great place to keep your hamster safe while you are cleaning her cage. Just make sure to keep it clean.Make cleaning the ball part of your weekly routine. Use a mild soap and water to cleanse inside and outside. Make sure to remove any feces or scraps of bedding that got inside the ball.

, Hamsters can be very active, so it’s a good idea to supply them with several toys. One of the most popular options is a running wheel. Running wheels can be purchased at pet supply stores and make a great addition to your hamster’s home. During your weekly cage cleaning, take a few minutes to clean the wheel.You can purchase either a plastic or metal wheel. Both can be cleaned with warm water and a mild soap.
Take the wheel out of the cage for cleaning, so that you can easily access all surfaces.

, After you have washed all toys and dishes with clean soapy water, you should use a disinfectant on the toys. It is not necessary (or advisable) to use a disinfectant on food and water dishes. For the toys and the cage, choose a disinfectant carefully.You want a product that is strong enough to kill germs, but safe for your pet. It is a good idea to ask your vet for a recommendation.
If you cannot find a suitable product, you can make your own disinfectant. Make a bleach solution of 1/2 cup bleach to 1 gallon of water.
Apply this solution to all items that your hamster uses. After disinfecting everything, rinse with water.
Thoroughly dry all toys and accessories with paper towels or clean cloths.

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