How to Discipline Cats



Provide outlets for his needs.,
Reward good behavior.,
Play with your cat.

To keep a cat from getting into trouble, provide your cat with means and ways to express his natural cat behavior. Cats love to run, bite, scratch, and explore by nature, so it’s important to give your cat friendly options to play with so he has an outlet for his needs. This can also prevent many disciplinary issues that will arise because he will be more content overall. There are many ways you can help your cat express his inner feline needs.

Provide a scratching post for your cat. Make sure to have one or multiple scratching posts around the house so your cat can scratch those. This will prevent him from scratching your furniture, the walls, or other objects he shouldn’t.
Have toys for your cat to chew and bite. Chew toys, little balls, and stuffed mice can help your cat use his inner instincts without biting or harming you in the process. This can also deter him from eating other objects that you don’t want him to chew on.
Create a kitty space or playground inn your house that he can use all day long. Cats love to jump, climb, and explore, so get a cat jungle gym or establish a corner of your house that is cat friendly so he can run around without ruining your property.

, It’s important to let your cat know when he does something good. This will help him learn that this behavior should be repeated. Good behaviors can range from using the litter box properly, eating and drinking his food appropriately, using his scratching post instead of the furniture, and playing with his toys instead of your belongings. It’s also important to be consistent. Reward your kitty for positive behavior as often as you can so he knows he’s on the right track. Treats are common ways to reward your cat. Don’t overdo it, however, because it can cause your cat to gain weight.

You can also reward your cat by giving him attention. Speaking to your cat in a soothing voice, petting him, or letting him cuddle with you can help let him know that you appreciate what he’s doing.

, A way to help your cat act appropriately and also as a way to reward him is to play with him. When both of you are around the house, bring out an interactive cat toy that he needs you to play with. For example, many cats love dangling toys, such as sticks with feathers or shiny objects at the bottom. Take some time to play with the dangling toy whenever you can. Your cat will get some great exercise and will feel loved.

An option for the lazier owner is the laser pointer. Some cats go absolutely crazy for the laser pointer and you can move it all over one room from the comforts of your own couch. Some people protest that the laser pointer is cruel because the cat never gets to catch the red dot, while others would argue that it’s more about the chase.

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