How to Determine the Sex of a Dwarf Hamster



Flip your hamster over carefully.,
Locate the genitals.,
Check the distance between the two openings.,
Check for nipples.,
Look for testicles.,
Consider size.,
Do not attempt to determine sex before 3 or 4 weeks.,
Do not flip a hamster over it if resists.,
Separate dwarf hamsters around 4 weeks old.

You want to pick your hamster up gently and then turn it on its back. Hamsters, especially young hamster, may resist this process. Go slowly and be gentle.Cup your hand and allow your hamster to get into your hand. Once your hamster is seated on the palm of your hand, gently flip it over.
You can clasp your hand gently around the hamster’s body and slowly flip it backwards. Without squeezing, hold your hamster securely. Hamsters do not like being flipped over and will likely kick and resist.;
, A hamster’s genitals are located near its tail. You may have to gently spread apart your hamster’s legs to get a clear look. Hamster’s have two holes near their tail, one for the anus and another for the genitals.You may also have to part the fur in order to get a look at your hamster’s genitals.
If your hamster is squirming, you may need a friend to assist.

, Genitalia can be differentiated by the distance between the two holes. With male hamsters, there will be a clear distance between the anal and genital opening. With female hamsters, the two openings will be side-by-side. They may be so close they appear to be touching., It is not always possible to view a hamster’s genitals. If you have your hamster flipped over, thick fur or excessive kicking can prevent you from noticing the genitals. If this is the case, look for nipples. Nipples are usually an indication your hamster is female.Run your finger gently along the underside of your hamster.
If you have a female, you should feel two rows of nipples on the stomach. You can part the hair to see down to your hamster’s skin to confirm the presence of nipples.
If you do not find nipples, your hamster may be male. However, young female hamsters may also have less pronounced nipples that are harder to detect.

, If your hamster will not allow you to flip it over, observe the hamster as it’s moving around. If your hamster is male, testicles may be overtly visible at times.In an older male hamster, testicles will give the rear end a pronounced and pointed appearance. There will also be noticeable swelling near the penile area by the tail.
The rear of a female hamster lacks bulges. It’s much smoother in appearance.
Testicles may be more difficult to locate in younger hamsters.

, As your hamster grows, sex will be easier to determine. Male hamsters are both longer and wider than female hamsters. If your hamster is noticeably bigger than other hamsters in the cage, you may have a male., You will not be able to tell sex before this age. If your hamster has a litter, wait until the babies are 3 or 4 weeks old to determine sex. Their genitals will not be fully formed before this age, and trying to determine sex before this will only stress them out., The best way to determine a hamster’s sex is to examine its genitals. However, not all hamsters will allow you to flip them over. If a hamster is squirming, biting, or resisting excessively, do not attempt to flip it over. Find other ways to examine the genitals.Try putting your hamster on a glass surface and looking at its genitals through this surface. You could, for example, place your hamster on a glass table or in a glass ball.
If you drop your hamster, you can injure it. While sex determination is important, it’s not worth risking the health of your hamster.

, If you want to prevent breeding, you should separate hamsters by sex when they reach 4 weeks old. Have two separate cages ready for the female and male hamsters.Mothers and daughters can safely be paired together.

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