How to Determine the Sex of a Chicken



Hire a chick sexer for younger chickens.,
Have the chick sexer use vent sexing.,
If hiring a professional isn’t an option, take a look yourself.

These people are trained to be able to tell the sex of chickens from a very young age. This is the most reliable method.

, This requires him/her to squeeze the feces out of the chick in order to open the anal vent and look for a “bump.” If this bump is present, then the chick is most likely male. This guarantees an accuracy of 90-95%. You’ll still get one or two males per bunch., But note that this is very difficult and this is a paid profession for a reason. You may actually be doing it correctly and not be able to determine for yourself as well.

Again, vent sexing is hard and takes practice. You must squeeze the chicks stomach very lightly — make sure you don’t hurt the chick — but hard enough to make him or her defecate. As it defecates, you should see either a little pimple-like protrusion or nothing — if there’s a pimple, it’s a cockerel; if there’s nothing, it’s a pullet.
For specific instructions: Pick up the chick with your left hand with its head between your 3rd and 4th fingers, legs between 4th and 5th. Rump the ducktails up. Your left thumb will push on the lower abdomen, spreading the vent. Press your left thumb on the left edge of the vent up and over so that interior border is turned towards the chick’s back. Ready your right thumb and forefinger to pinch the back right edge of the vent. Open the vent. The interior border is rolled back and genitalia is exposed. See anything? If you do, ’tis a male.(Or a very masculine female.)

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