How to Determine Sex of a Quail



Observe the quails behaviour.,
Listen to your quail.,
Watch your quails during mating season.

Male quails tend to be more aggressive towards each over whilst the female is more calm.

Male quails will attack each over unless they are in a large space with lots of hiding spots. To see if they do attack, place them in a small box (but big enough for them to move around) and watch them for a minute or two. If they are males one should attack the other, if so remove them straight away to prevent serious injuries.

, Male quails will often call to the female quails but sometimes the female has a call that sounds similar in some breeds of quails (usually to call to her chicks).

Male quails will be loud and call a lot during mating season. Whilst calling the male will reach up as if stretching and then call. Male quails are even said to ‘growl’ during mating season.

, The female often builds the nest and feeds the chicks depending on the breed of quail you have. Sometimes the male will build the nest and feed the chicks so you shouldn’t rely on this method.

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