How to Determine Sex of a Quail



Securely hold the quail’s body.,
Examine the cloaca.,
Press the cloaca.

Make sure not to hold the quail by its legs, as the legs are very fragile. Have a gentle but firm grip on your quail, and then turn it upside-down.

, Blow the feathers underneath the tail to expose the cloaca. You may already be able to see a small bulge (if so, it is a male).

, If you can’t see a bulge just by looking at the cloaca, place one finger above the opening of the cloaca and put another finger below the opening. Gently press down. If a bulge pops up, then it’s a male. White foam may also come out of the cloaca when you press it, which also indicates that it’s a male. If there is no bulge and no foam when you press the cloaca, the quail is a female.

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