How to Determine if Your Hamster Is Blind



Don’t expect your hamster to have human-like vision.,
Be aware of changes in behavior.,
Recognize the symptoms of cataracts.,
Recognize the symptoms of conjunctivitis.,
Recognize the symptoms of exophthalmos.,
Recognize the symptoms of glaucoma.,
Bring your hamster to the vet.,
Don’t worry too much.,
Don’t be surprised by behavioral changes.,
Make accommodations as necessary.

Hamsters are naturally very near-sighted. Whereas humans rely primarily on their sense of sight to get around the world, hamsters rely much more on smell and hearing. Just because your hamster doesn’t seem to be able to see like a human does not mean anything is wrong., Although it may be difficult to diagnose with any certainty, excessive clumsiness may be a sign that your hamster is going blind. Take notice is he starts walking into things or falling off of things.

, If your hamster’s eyes look milky, this is a sign of cataracts. Cataracts usually occur in older hamsters, and they can lead to total blindness.There is no treatment available for cataracts in hamsters, but the condition doesn’t cause them any pain.

, If your hamsters eyes seem inflamed or his eyelids are stuck together with a crusty discharge, he may be suffering from a condition called conjunctivitis, but he is most likely not blind. This condition has a variety of causes, including bacterial infection or irritation from a foreign object.You can attempt to loosen your hamster’s eyelids by wiping the discharge away with a clean, moist cotton ball.
If your hamster’s symptoms continue, you should take him to the vet. He may need to have his eyes flushed with saline, or he may need antibiotics.

, If your hamster’s eyeball seems to be protruding from the socket more than usual, he may be suffering from a condition called exophthalmos, also known as proptosis. This is a serious condition that can cause your hamster to lose his eye. Other symptoms include an enlarged eyeball, redness, and watery discharge. This condition requires immediate veterinary care!

, Just like humans, hamsters can develop glaucoma, which eventually leads to blindness. If you hamster has glaucoma, you may notice that he has a strong aversion to light or that his eyes bulge a bit. If you notice these symptoms, take your hamster to the vet. Without treatment, glaucoma can be very painful.
Some hamsters can be treated with medications, while others may need to have their eyes surgically removed.

, You should always bring your hamster to the vet if you believe there is anything wrong with his eyes. If it turns out the be something like a cataract, your vet will not be able to offer any treatment, but if it turns out to be an infection of the eye, treatment is available., If your hamster is blind or is losing his sight, there’s not much you can do about it. It may be helpful to know, however, that most hamsters can still live perfectly normal, happy lives even without their vision. Because hamsters have poor vision to start with, they don’t rely on it much to get them through their daily lives., Some hamsters may become more skittish or irritable when they become blind, so don’t be too alarmed if you notice these behaviors in your hamster., Although most hamsters will do just fine without their eyesight, some may have a harder time adjusting. If you notice that your hamster is becoming very clumsy, take care to remove anything from the cage that might cause injury.

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