How to Deter Squirrels from Bird Feeders



Try hanging candy canes from your bird feeder.,
Avoid catching or trapping the squirrels.,
Avoid using anything to make your feeder pole more slick.,
Use a feeder that doesn’t allow squirrels to feed.

The peppermint doesn’t bother the birds, so they will keep coming. The squirrels, on the other hand, will be confused by the smell and sight of the candy, so they’ll lose interest in the feed and leave.Make sure you use full size candy canes, and don’t crush them into small pieces. You don’t want to risk giving the birds—or any other critters—anything they might choke on.

, By trapping and moving them to a different place, your problem won’t be solved. All this will do is cause squirrels to take up residence in a new place, while other squirrels still bother your feeder.You also run the risk of injuring the squirrels, or even other animals, by setting out traps for them.

, Things like oil or gel to keep squirrels from being able to climb the feeder pole are dangerous for the birds you are trying to attract and feed. A little bit of gel or anything with petroleum in it on a bird’s feathers can actually cause the bird to die.Using a baffle is a much safer and humane way to keep squirrels from climbing up your feeder pole.

, Some feeders are made specifically to keep squirrels out. They usually rely on the principle that squirrels weigh more than birds, and won’t be able to perch on the feeder.You can also put a mesh cage around the feeder. Birds can still get the seed out but the squirrels won’t be able to reach it.

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