How to Deter Squirrels from Bird Feeders



Avoid using feed that attracts squirrels.,
Use a bird seed mix that contains white proso millet seed.,
Give the squirrels their own feed and feeding area.

Safflower seeds and thistle seeds, for example, will attract all different kinds of birds, while squirrels are not interested in them. Squirrels love feed such as cracked corn, nuts, and sunflower seeds, so keep these out of your feeders to help deter the squirrels.Try to avoid using capsaicin, or hot pepper additive, in your bird seed. It has been known to irritate squirrels’ digestive systems to the point of being painful and harmful, so it isn’t as humane of an option as others.

, If there is enough of this kind of seed in the mix, it will deter the squirrels, as they aren’t fans of it. It helps attract species of birds like house finches, as well as mourning doves.Changing what you’re feeding the birds is a great way to keep the squirrels out without doing harm to one species or the other.

, Since they’re relatively territorial, the squirrels will likely mark the new feeding spot as theirs, and begin to feed there exclusively. This might not be the most ideal solution as you will still have squirrels in the yard, but they might leave the bird feeder alone.If you have a front and a back yard, put one feeder in each yard. This will keep the birds and squirrels more separate.

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