How to Deodorize a Hamster Cage



Train your hamster to use a litter box.,
Start by cleaning the whole cage.As you do, note where your hamster has been peeing, if possible.,
Buy or create a litter box.,
Fill the litter box.,
Put it in the bathroom corner.,
Change the litter.

One way to keep your hamster’s cage smelling fresh is to train it to use a litter box. That way, you can change out the smelly part more often.Not all hamsters can be trained. However, it is worth the effort to try if you want the room to smell better.

, That way, you can use the same spot for a litter box.To find the area where your hamster has been peeing, look for wet or soiled areas.
You might see clumped bedding in that area.

, You have a number of options for hamster litter boxes. You can buy a litter box designed specifically for hamsters, or you can make one.You find litter boxes online or at pet stores.
Alternatively, you can use boxes, as well as plastic, glass, or ceramic dishes. Boxes absorb pee and you can throw them away, but you may find that your hamster chews them up. You can cut tissue boxes shorter for this purpose. Glass, plastic, and ceramic all work well, but you may find your hamster stands on the edge and still pees outside the box., Add sand or small animal litter. You can use play sand for this purpose, but you need to sterilize it first. Litter is also an option, but it can be more expensive. It does absorb odors, though.If you use play sand, be sure to sterilize it in the oven by baking it at a low temperature for an hour or two. You can keep the sand in giant covered bucket for use.Pet stores do sell sand for chinchillas that is already sterilized, but it is more expensive. Hamsters like the feel of sand., Stick the litter box where the hamster has already been going to the bathroom. It can help to stick some soiled bedding in there that already smells like the hamster.You are trying to play on the hamster’s habits. If the hamster has already chosen one place to go to the bathroom, you can use that to help train it.
Sticking soiled bedding in it helps it smell like the hamster, which encourages it to go there.

, While you can change the litter more often than you clean the cage, try not to change it every day. Your hamster likes habits, and when you change the habitat to often, it will get upset.Instead of changing the whole litter, you can also use a scoop to pull out feces and pee (if you see wet spots).As the litter gets low, replace it.

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