How to Deal With Your Hamster Dying



Volunteer at a local shelter.,
Look for a new friend.,
Get back to a regular routine.,
Remember it will be alright.

Once you start the healing process, you might be hesitate to bring a new hamster into your home. You can volunteer at a local animal shelter to help others in need. Helping animals in need might help you with the grief process.

, After you start to heal, you may feel up to bringing in a new hamster. Visit your local shelter or pet store for a new addition to your family.

, To fully move on, it might be best to get back to your day to day schedule. It might hurt for awhile, but if you take one day at a time, you will find that your grief lessens. , Everyone experience loss, know that you are not alone with your loss. This may be a very hard time for you, but things will get better. Remember these steps and take time to grieve your loss.

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