How to Deal With Your Hamster Dying



Acknowledge your grief for the loss of your hamster.,
Take some time.,
Talk to friends and family.,
Memorialize your hamster.,
Write out your feelings.,
Reach out to resources.

You are going to be upset and are going to hurt. You might feel strong emotions like anger, grief, depression, or guilt. It is okay to feel these strong feelings after a loss of a love one., Your hamster was a part of your family and you will need time to grieve. Consider taking time off work or school to feel your grief. Statistics show that the pain you feel when you lose a pet is akin to losing a human family member. , Your loved ones probably are aware of how much you loved your hamster. They can help you through the grieving process if you reach out to them. Talk to them about what you are feeling, and they may help to ease the passing.

, Remember the positive things about your friend. You can go through pictures of your pet. You can think about the games and toys you played with him. These good things may make your grief a little less painful.

, You can start a blog or journal. Writing out your feelings may help you work out your grief. You can write about the positive memories and thoughts of your beloved family member. , There are national resources you can reach out to if you need someone to talk to you. Reaching out to resources like the ASPCA hotline can connect you to people who understand.

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