How to Deal With Your Friend Who Likes Your Boyfriend



Exude confidence.,
Remind your friend that he is your boyfriend, not theirs.,
Stay friendly during the interaction.,
Use hints in conversation.

Your boyfriend chose to be with you for many reasons. Don’t let your philandering friend get in your head and make you forget that. Showing you are confident in yourself may make them back off. It will also show your boyfriend that you know that you are a catch and that he’s crazy if he lets your friend get between the two of you.

Tell yourself just how smart, kind, attractive, and funny you are if you ever get down on yourself because of this situation.;
, Laying on a few subtle, and not so subtle, hints to your friend reaffirms to them that he is yours. Doing so may also make them feel guilty about their plans and help them decide to back off.

For instance, if your friend asks if your boyfriend is joining when the two of you make plans, you could say in a joking manner, “Why? Am I not fun enough for you?” This lets the friend now that you are aware of their constant desire to be around your boyfriend.
You could also make your friend know to back off by showing affection to your boyfriend, particularly if they are flirting with him right in front of you. You could smile at your friend and then plant a kiss on your man’s cheek. This will definitely send the friend a message., Walk up to the conversation with a smile on your face if your friend and boyfriend are having a talk. You could place your hand on your boyfriend’s back and say, “What are we talking about?” Acting in this way shows your boyfriend and friend that you expect to be a part of this conversation.You may want to be concerned if they stop talking or they move their bodies away from you.

, Bring the attention towards your relationship if you find your friend and boyfriend having a talk. You can use subtle tricks to remind your friend that you and your boyfriend are a couple.

For instance, remember to say “we” a lot when talking. Instead of saying something like, “I really like that restaurant, say “We really like that restaurant.” Talking about what you do together can remind your friend that you and your boyfriend are united.

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