How to Deal With Your Friend Who Likes Your Boyfriend



Ask if he suspects your friend likes him.,
Look at him when he’s around your friend.,
Tell him you are not comfortable with the situation.,
Understand your boyfriend may not be to blame.

It’s easy to think that others are after your man, even if you’re not the jealous type. Consulting with him gives you a second opinion, as yours could be a little skewed.

You could say, “Do you think my friend has feelings for you? I feel like I am seeing signs of it, but I’m not sure. What do you think?” Take what he says to heart.
However, look for signs that he may also be into your friend and is hiding it. These signs could include lots of eye contact, text messaging, finding excuses to be alone with your friend, and acting differently when around them., Your man may give you subtle signs that he’s picking up romantic vibes from your friend. Pay attention to what he does when he’s around them. You may see signals that he feels uncomfortable or is looking to you for help.

For example, your boyfriend may look at you with widened eyes when your friend talks to him or acts inappropriately. He may also turn his body away from them and towards you when the suspected flirting occurs., Are your boyfriend and friend texting each other? Do they share inside jokes? Do they often leave you out of the conversation? If so, you have every right to speak up about it, if you don’t like the way they behave. This is particularly so if you believe they may be having an affair.For instance, you could say, “I love that you and my friend get along so well. However, I’m not comfortable with how you two act when you’re around each other. It makes me concerned that something else may be going on.”
He will likely change his behavior if he truly cares about you and wants to make you feel more comfortable. It may be a sign that he enjoys the attention and likes your friend if he isn’t willing to stop.

, Try not to take your frustrations towards your friend out on your boyfriend. They are to blame, not him. Getting mad at him may make him pull away from you and create the opposite result of what you want.

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