How to Deal With Your Crush when He Knows You Like Him



Don’t stop talking to him about “everyday” things.,
Try not to fixate on the situation all the time.,
Don’t stress out about who he’s talking to.,
Remember that he, too, is probably nervous.

When you find out that your crush knows you like him, don’t let this turn your relationship into something awkward and unpleasant. Try to continue talking about the things you normally would. For example, if you have classes together at school, don’t hesitate to talk to him about your assignments. Keeping a casual attitude will make your interactions much easier.

Keep in mind that he probably doesn’t know that you know about him. If you keep your cool, you can buy a little extra time for yourself to come to grips with the situation.;
, When you’re worried about how your crush knows you like him, constantly thinking about the situation is one of the worst things you can do. Try to keep your mind off of him by staying busy with your day-to-day activities. You can even avoid him for a day or two if it gives you time to calm down, although you won’t want to do this for too long if you eventually plan on making a move.

It can help if you don’t think of the situation as a “problem.” It’s not necessarily a bad thing that he knows you like him. After all, would you be angry or upset if you knew someone liked you? Probably not.

, Having a crush on someone can make even the most rational, level-headed people jealous. Try not to get too invested in who your crush is talking to.The odds are that he’s not playing hard-to-get or doing it to hurt your feelings — he’s just having friendly conversations with the people around him like he usually does.

He’s also probably not talking about you, so don’t fall prey to paranoid thoughts like, “He’s telling everyone about how I like him!” Unless he’s really immature, he probably wouldn’t even consider doing that.

, Your crush is just a normal, everyday human being like you. Many of the same things that make you nervous probably make you nervous. Since he knows you like him, he probably gets a few butterflies in his stomach when he talks to you. Keeping this in mind can make it much easier to deal with him — how scary can talking to someone be when you know he’s just as nervous as you?

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