How to Deal With Your Crush Not Liking You



Journal about it.,
Spend time with family and friends.,
Purse other interests.,
Take care of yourself.,
Look for someone who does appreciate you.

Writing down your thoughts and feelings can be a vital tool for moving on. It can help to provide clarity about what you’re feeling and why you’re feeling it so that you can move past it. Also, since only a sheet of paper will see what you’re writing, it’s a great way to process your true feelings without worrying what anyone else thinks. It’s just you, a pen, and paper taking some time to sort things out.You can journal about anything! If you don’t want to write about what happened with your crush, try writing down a list of ten things that make you happy. This will help you to refocus and improve your mood.
You can also use journaling as a learning tool. Maybe this experience with your crush has taught you something about yourself. Maybe you would approach things differently next time. Writing these ideas down can be a powerful tool to help you to remember.

, Even though one person didn’t have feelings for you, there are likely at least a handful of people who greatly value you. Spend time with them and lean on them during this time. Your close friends and family can support you when you cry and make you laugh when you need it. When you are surrounded by loved ones, the one person who didn’t like you won’t seem so important anymore.If you wish to grow your inner circle, make an effort to include new people. Maybe there’s an acquaintance whom you’d like to get to know better. Invite them for lunch sometime. Making new friends is a great way to move past your crush because you will open yourself up to new relationships.
Maybe you’re hesitant to open up with your friends and family about your disappointment. But it’s likely that they’ve gone through the exact same thing! Being honest about your negative feelings can help build intimacy with people and strengthen relationships.
Make sure to find someone trustworthy to confide in. If they spend a lot of time talking and gossiping about people, then your secrets probably aren’t safe with them. As a general rule, how someone treats anyone is how they treat everyone.

, This is not only about distracting yourself, but also building yourself up. Remind yourself of the things in life that you love. Maybe you are passionate about art or environmentalism. Maybe you’ve always wanted to go camping but never had enough time to do it. This is a great opportunity to pursue other areas of life that bring you happiness. This will help you to have a well-rounded life so that no one person has the key to your happiness.If you want to try something new, consider signing up for a class. For example, you could take a drawing class. This will surround you with other people who are participating in a similar area of interest. You can meet new people and grow your hobbies.
Presumably, to have strong feelings for your crush, they likely inspired you in some way. Find other things in life that inspire you. If you are moved by music, listen to your favorite song. If you love nature, take time to watch a sunset. If you are religious, spend time worshipping God. There are lots of other areas in life where you can find inspiration and passion.

, Especially when dealing with disappointment, it is important to maintain your health. As you continue to respect yourself, you will facilitate the healing process. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep and take time to exercise. This will help clear your mind and release endorphins. Be sure to eat well and hydrate and you will be well on your way to moving forward.Since you are going through a hard time, why not do something extra special for yourself? You could go get a massage or buy tickets to a concert. This will help soothe and distract you while you get over your crush.

, For all you know, the right person is just around the corner! By not getting too hung up on the one person who doesn’t like you, you can open yourself up to a great person who does. You don’t want to miss someone right in front of you by fixating on the one who rejected you. Now that you aren’t so focused on your crush, pay attention to the other people around you. You might find that someone else is interested and you hadn’t even noticed!If you aren’t sure whether someone likes you or not, there are some signals you can look for. For example, if they make physical contact like touching your arm while talking, this can be a signal of interest. Smiling and making eye contact can also signal interest, as can flirting.If you are struggling to find the right person, try joining a new activity that will introduce you to more people. For example, if you join a sports team, you will make new friends and maybe even meet a new crush.

Online dating is also an option if you struggle to meet people. If you are shy, you might have an easier time connecting over a computer than in person. Make sure to be honest on your profile and to be safe. Don’t give out specific information like your address and if you plan to meet the person, do so in public and consider bringing a friend.

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