How to Deal With Being Disappointed by Your Crush



Try to not let yourself break down right in front of him/her.,
When you are by yourself, allow yourself to cry if you need to.,
Don’t let this person bring you down because he/she is not even worth it.,
Consider the positives of the situation.,
If you see this person a lot, try not to avoid them.,
Don’t totally discount the idea of being friends in the future.,
The most important thing to remember is continue to love yourself.

Even if it really seems like it, this is not his/her fault. Also, if you don’t know – or barely know – the person you run the risk of freaking him/her out, and it’s possible you could also feel extremely embarrassed/ashamed of yourself for losing control afterwards. You don’t want to make things any harder on yourself by letting – what is already a tough situation – lead to further negative emotions and problems. Instead, wait until you can be by yourself to let out your emotions.;
, But don’t take it out on yourself even if it is very tempting to do so. Spend as much time as you need releasing your feelings. Eventually you will feel better, even if this takes some time.

, Especially not if you don’t like who the crush really is as a person; This does not include how you thought that this person was.

, Think about exactly what it was about your crush that disappointed you, and how this would have affected you if you’d gone on to have a relationship with them. It’s likely that if anything about them especially put you off them romantically – then the thing/things would have made you highly unsatisfied or unhappy in some way. If this is the case, count this experience as being a lucky escape – and remember that there are other fish in the sea. Just because you happened to have a strong crush on one person, does not mean that this will never happen to you again with someone else. It’s even possible that the next time the crush will turn out not to be the disappointment this one has.

, Avoiding is really tempting and we all do it, but in the long run, it really makes most situations worse. It’ll also make it harder to get what has happened out of your mind. If you are in any kind of regular contact with them, just try your best to treat them as you would any other casual acquaintance or friend. Not only does it make things less awkward for them, but it’ll make getting back to normal much easier for you.

, Unless of course there is a very good reason for this (i.e. they treated you badly in some way). Even if you feel turned off by them romantically, that does not mean that you can’t try this – if in general you get along with them reasonably well or feel there’s a good chance you might. You might gain a really great friendship out of this experience.

, Regardless of how disappointed this person made you feel, remember that caring for yourself and your needs is far more important than dwelling on this other person.

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