How to Deal with an Ex Who Seems Fine After Your Breakup



Accept that they’re okay.,
Give them space.,
Be respectful.

You may have trouble understanding or accepting that your ex seems okay after the breakup if the breakup was difficult for you. You may want to know that they are as miserable as you are. Instead, you can deal with your ex a lot better and handle interactions with them if you accept the fact that they seem fine with the breakup.

If someone tells you that your ex is doing okay or if you see your ex and they seem okay, then just be happy for them. For example, if a friend says, “Ashley seems cool after the breakup”, you could say, “Okay, that’s good. That makes me happy.”
Unless you are prepared to hear that they are happy without you, avoid asking your ex if they are really doing okay or happy since the breakup. You might not like their response.
Keep in mind that just because your ex seems fine doesn’t mean that’s necessarily the case. Your ex may just be acting that way so you don’t know how upset they are.;
, You can deal with an ex who seems fine after your breakup by keeping your distance.You don’t have to avoid them like the plague, but do make sure that you aren’t going out of your way to interact with them.

Avoid trolling their social networking profiles looking for new posts and pictures. For instance, you should resist checking their Facebook profile daily to see if their relationship status has changed.
Don’t call, text, or message your ex unless you have a legitimate reason. For example, calling because you have a child together is a legitimate reason. Calling because you saw your ex’s favorite car isn’t.

, Depending on the circumstances of the breakup, you may have some built up anger or resentment toward your ex. When you have interactions with your ex and they seem fine after the breakup you will be able to handle it if you remain respectful. You should also be respectful when you are talking to other people about your ex.

Avoid yelling, scream, crying or making a scene when you are interacting with your ex. For example, don’t walk up to them and start calling them names.
Talk to your ex in a calm, confident way when you interact. For instance, you might calmly say “Hi” when you see your ex out in public.
Avoid gossiping or badmouthing your ex. Try to say something positive or at least neutral about your ex. For example, you might say, “Oh, ok” if someone tells you that your ex is doing fine.

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