How to Deal with Admirers



Breath out, it is almost over.,
If you feel comfortable enough with the person, try a nice gesture such as a gentle stroke on the shoulder but do not hug!,
Just go.

But be careful, almost over does not mean completely over! Indeed, you just delivered a very unpleasant message and you need to make sure that it has been perfectly understood.Try to ask simple yes/no questions such as “Are you OK?” or “Do you understand what I am telling you?”. You should avoid questions such as “What do you think?”. What you said is not open to discussion and he/she does not have a say in it. It is your decision and there is nothing else to say about it.

, People tend to misinterpret this kind of meaningless move. You do not want him/her to secretly think “OK i got your message but your body language clearly indicates that you actually want more of me”.

, Your mission here has been accomplished and you need to move on. Do not look back. There is nothing to feel bad about. You had to do it and you mastered it. This is how nice people handle adult situations!

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