How to Deal With a Pregnant Mother



Let her rest.,
Get everything ready.,
Know your mom isn’t crazy.

The exhaustion that your mom had at the beginning of pregnancy has probably come back. Unfortunately, insomnia is common at this stage, and so is discomfort due to the baby’s size, so it will likely be hard for her to get good sleep.Give her permission to take a nap if needed.

Mood swings and just general grumpiness have probably come back.She is uncomfortable and not sleeping well. Do your best to remind yourself (and her) that this is temporary.

, Have you noticed how much stuff babies need? You can help make things a little easier on your mom by offering to help her prepare for your little brother or sister’s arrival. There is a lot to be done. Here are some ways you can help:

Help prepare the nursery. This could be anything from painting the room, putting together a piece of furniture, or washing and putting away baby clothes.
Throw a baby shower. Help plan a party for her family and friends to celebrate this exciting time.
Help her pack her hospital bag.

, Before the baby’s birth, you may notice your mom bustling about, getting the house perfectly clean, cooking meals for after the baby comes, or tackling a big project. This burst of energy is called nesting. It’s very common for a pregnant mom to want everything to be just perfect for the baby’s arrival.Be patient with her, and try to find some humor in it.

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