How to Deal With a Pregnant Mother



Try to enjoy the second trimester.,
Find her favorite foods.,
Do something special with your mom.

Things may feel more “normal” during these three months, as your mom may find her energy level increasing and morning sickness dissipating. You will also notice her starting to look pregnant. If you are interested, there are lots of way to be a part of this time.

Feel the baby kick. Most women start to feel the baby kick around 16 weeks of pregnancy.You might be able to feel the baby kicking from the outside when your mom is around 20 weeks pregnant.Ask her to tell you when it is kicking and if it’s okay to touch her belly.
Go to an ultrasound appointment. Your mom will likely have an ultrasound/sonogram when she is around 20 weeks pregnant. An ultrasound technician will take pictures of your sibling for you to see. If she wants to, she will likely be able to find out the sex of the baby at this appointment. You will learn if you are having a brother or a sister!

, It’s true, pregnant women have very strong cravings for certain foods! Maybe you can find her favorite ice cream, bring home dinner from her favorite Chinese place, or make her the sandwich she wants while she is resting on the couch. You will make her day!

, Because this is generally the “easiest” trimester, your mom will have more energy and not be so uncomfortable yet. Plan an outing to a favorite restaurant or activity. Take some time to bond with her now, because it will be hard for her to find the time for a while after the baby is born.

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