How to Deal With a Mean Hamster



Separate hamsters into different cages.,
Make sure that your cage is big enough.,
Provide your hamster with a cave to sleep in.,
Give your hamster toys.,
Place chew toys in the cage.

Syrian hamsters are territorial, and they like to live alone. If you keep two or more in a cage together, they may fight each other. This will cause injury to many of them, and it may make them more aggressive towards you.Dwarf hamsters live in pairs, so you may keep two together in the same cage. Choose two hamsters of the same sex to prevent breeding., Hamsters need plenty of room to exercise and move around in. If you don’t give them the proper space, they may become cranky. A cage should be at least 22 x 14 x 8 inches., Hamsters like to sleep in small, enclosed spaces. They will often create dens in boxes or tunnels in their cage.This makes them feel safer in their cage, and it will help improve the quality of their sleep, making them happier animals. You may be able to give them a more secure space by providing them with a cave in their cage, such as a:

Coconut shell
Small box

, Active hamsters are happy hamsters. Hamsters need plenty of exercise, or they may become grumpy. Hamsters like to run, climb, and burrow. Small toys that satisfy these needs include:Plastic wheel (wire wheels may injure their legs)
Ladders to climb on
Wooden balls
Tunnels and mazes

, Hamsters are natural chewers, and if they bite frequently, it may be because they have nothing to chew on in their cage. You can give them walnut shells, unpainted oak or Cherrywood squares, wooden balls, paper towel tubes, and rolled oats.Once a week, put a small, hard dog biscuit in the cage. They will think it is delicious, and it will help satisfy their urge to chew.

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