How to Deal With a Guy Who Thinks You Like Him



Don’t hang out with him too often.,
Limit physical contact.,
Limit online contact.,
Ignore him, if necessary.

A guy who likes you is looking for reasons to believe that you like him back. Hang out with your other friends. Find another place to sit at lunch. If you share friends with this guy, don’t pay so much attention to him when you do hang out. After about 15 minutes or so, excuse yourself and say you need to be alone or be somewhere else., Physical contact is often a form of intimacy. Limit it to a friendly handshake, a high five, or a fist bump. Don’t hug him, hold hands, or dance with him. Definitely don’t kiss him. Treat him the same way you treat other friends and acquaintances., Cut back on the “likes” you give to his posts. He might interpret too many likes as an interest in him. Retweet or share only what you think is really important. Turn off your chat function to avoid lengthy conversations., Sometimes, guys misinterpret civility for attraction or flirtation. If this happens, avoid him to the fullest extent. Unfollow him on social media. Block his phone number. Casually turn in the opposite direction if you see him coming your way. This should give him a clear message.

If he refuses to leave you alone, tell someone. This could be your parents, a trusted teacher or guidance counselor, a school security guard, or a police officer. Don’t let him make you feel unsafe for feelings you have no control over.

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