How to Deal With a Guy Not Liking You in Middle School



Drop hints.,
Tell him.,
Stay friends.,
Distance yourself.,
Don’t try to make him like you.,
Act cool.,
Don’t obsess over it.

Do you know for sure that the guy doesn’t like you back? Try giving him subtle cues that you like him. If he’s giving you mixed signals in return, don’t take it personally. Middle school age can be confusing for everyone.The guy may be shy. Even if he acts confident around certain girls, it may be because he feels comfortable around them as friends.
For example, wait for the right moment, than give him a compliment like, “You’re a great listener.”
Try sending him a text with a cute nickname that lets him know you’re thinking about him and his interests. Say something like “Hey hun. How did your baseball game go?”;
, It’s possible that this guy doesn’t even know that you like him. If you’re not sure whether he knows, you may want to tell him that you like being around him. Use the term “like,” not “love.”Try saying, “I like studying with you.” If you want to be even more direct, try saying,”I like being around you.”

, Whether he is in your group of friends or is your best friend: if you really think you will be able to outgrow and move past crushing on this guy, you could always try to stay friends. This will be even easier to do if you work through your crush just between you and the guy, without getting mutual friends involved. That way if he doesn’t like you back, you can continue hanging out without it feeling as awkward.If you don’t feel that you can remain friends, you can tell him the truth, but don’t be angry or act like he did something wrong. Try saying, “It’s just difficult for me to hang out with you because I had a crush on you, you know? It’s not because of you – you’re a great guy.”
If you don’t want to tell him directly that it’s too painful to remain friends, you can ease yourself out of his life gradually by making yourself less available. For example, you may be too busy with studying, after-school activities or family obligations to meet up.

, If your crush doesn’t seem to want to talk or is acting like he feels uncomfortable, it is best to distance yourself. You may also want to back off if it feels too difficult for you to be friends. It may be hard to do if you share the same class(es), but try to avoid your crush during social times like lunch and recess.Stop visiting your crush’s social media pages. Unfollow them or change your settings so that you don’t see their posts., It’s painful, but you have to respect his feelings. You don’t want to make him uncomfortable – even friends shouldn’t do that to each other. If you do things to try and make him like you back, then you aren’t being yourself. People should like you for who you already are.Don’t change your look or the way you act to get someone else’s attention. Guys who like you will notice you on their own.

, When you have to be around this guy, keep a cool head. Instead of focusing on him and what he’s doing, tell yourself positive affirmations about yourself in your head. Ignore him. Think about how much you are improving, be positive, and choose not to suffer.

For example, think to yourself, “I feel confident and secure. I accept and love myself.”

, Don’t keep trying to text or talk to the guy. A crush shouldn’t take you away from doing other life activities.If you are spending a ton of time thinking about your crush and you can’t stop yourself, you should talk to a parent or guidance counselor to get help dealing with those feelings.

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