How to Deal With a Guy Not Liking You in Middle School



Realize that your feelings are normal.,
Talk to your parents about it.,
Ask your parents about dating.,
Be glad it didn’t work out.

You may feel disappointed, sad, or even rejected. These are all perfectly normal feelings to have. They may last for a little while, but they will fade., Express your sadness in healthy ways. Let yourself be upset and even cry.Let it out, and then promise yourself to let it go.Don’t tell a bunch of friends, though. For example, don’t text your friends about what your crush said or did today. Kids sometimes tease other kids who have crushes.Try writing down your thoughts in a journal at home, and/or listening to music.
You may want to choose one best friend who you really trust to keep a secret. Whoever you choose to talk to about your crush, when you are done venting, ask that person to stop you if you start talking about your crush after you decided to let it go.

, Your parents are adults and their judgment is fully developed. You can trust and confide in them more than you can trust your classmates, because your parents are more mature and want you to live well. Help them to relate to what you’re going through.Try saying, “Can you hear me out and be nonjudgmental? I would like someone to talk to.”
Ask something like, “What mistakes did you make as tweens and teenagers?” and “What did you learn?” This will help remind them of what they went through and how they felt at your age. If they can’t think of any mistakes, try asking something else to open up the conversation, like, “How about any funny stories from when you were my about my age?”Try asking, “Who was your first crush?”, Ask what your limits are when it comes to socializing with guys outside of school hours. It might not matter if your crush doesn’t like you back, if you’re not allowed to date yet. Try not to get mad or defensive at your parents’ answers – remember that are guiding you out of love.Try asking, “Am I allowed to go to the movies with a group of friends that includes a guy? Am I allowed to go on one-on-one dates?”

, Middle school relationships usually last just a few weeks.Think about this: imagine that he did like you, and you got your hopes up, only to be broken up with twelve days later. That would have be bad for your self-esteem!You won’t have to deal with peer pressure to do anything you’re not ready for yet.When you break up with someone in middle school, you still have to see them in class, which can be very uncomfortable.You aren’t really ready for a relationship yet. Your mind and body are still growing, and so are your classmates. If a guy approaches you and says that he likes you and wants to date you, try saying, “Thanks for thinking of me, but I need to focus on my studies.”

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