How to Deal With a Flirtatious Boy when You Don’t Desire a Relationship



Be calm at first and assess the situation.,
If this boy is a flirt but is flirting more excessively with you than anyone else, be on the cautious side.,
If you don’t want to have a relationship, you should try to make it clear first off.,
Try not to be caught alone when he may bother you.,
Keep in mind that while the above mentioned steps will help, they are not guaranteed to stop him.,
The worst just may happen.,
If you are meeting in person, you have no choice but to immediately respond.,
If the encounter happens on Facebook/email or over the phone, you have time and are lucky.,
It’s most likely that after this, you and the boy will avoid each other.

Is he really flirting? Try to see if he flirts with several others-maybe it is juts in his nature to flirt and he isn’t planning on approaching you personally for a relationship. In this case, just be polite to him but don’t flirt back and give him short answers.;
, It may mean that he’s going to ask you out, and you must be prepared. Take hints from the conversations. Does he excessively compliment you, especially on looks, voice, etc? Do these comments seem to be those which may appear between two people in love?

, Don’t be too brash about it at first. If you are unsure about whether or not he is pursuing you for friendship or a relationship, it may help to casually mention how strict your parents are regarding relationships. Don’t directly indicate him. Just mention it-say something like, “Yeah, my education and career really matter to me. I’m probably only going to start dating once I’m in medical school. I have no relationships with guys like that.”

, In school, walk with a friend at all times if possible. If you are alone, appear busy or rushed. If you are friends on Facebook, put him on a special “list” and appear offline more and more so he can’t message you. If he posts on your wall or messages/e-mails you, give him short answers to show you are not interested.

, Sometimes, it may just be that he’s a desperate boy out there for a girlfriend. While this may seem creepy, it is important to appear confident. You are your own person and no one has the right to own you.

, The boy might ask you out right up front, or he’ll begin a conversation with you to ask you out. You should normally be able to tell. When boys seek to ask out girls, they’ll start it with a very flirtatious conversation and compliment you more than they normally do. They might mention how you are a good team and meant for each other (in their opinion). If this happens, go on to the next step.

, You should ideally have a response ready in your mind beforehand. Be firm and tell him you are not interested in him, and you never were, “I’ve never been interested in you. I was just being friendly because I didn’t want to be rude. I don’t like how you kept pursuing me. Leave me alone, I mean it.”

, If online, pause, think over what you must say, and type it in. If you are on the phone, put the phone down to think over what to say. Then, text message him your message or tell him on Facebook/email.

, You might feel creeped out by him, and won’t want to talk to him anymore. This is a good idea-it will stop him from pursuing you more. Block him off your Facebook, email, etc. Stop accepting his phone calls and ignore him in school.

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