How to Deal With a Crush



Get the right attitude.,
Understand that it’s going to require effort to control your feelings.,
Communicate with the person.,
Use body language, but don’t overdo it.,
Drop hints.,
Be original with dates.,
Know that the worst that can happen is that your crush says no.,
If you realize after a while that you don’t really want to go out with this person, you simply want to be friends, stop the flirting.,
Make a list of things about this person that you don’t like.,
Stay away from this person.,
If the crush asks you out, say no.

If you’re all-emotional and can’t think straight, you won’t be very likely to get any of the following steps right. In that case, check out How How to stay sane when you’ve got a crush.

, Sometimes a lot of effort. In order to accomplish whatever you want with you and that “ooh la la” someone (whether it be kissing, dating, etc.), you can’t expect them to just fall for you.

, It may feel awkward at first, but realize that if your crush thinks you’re just trying to be friendly, he/she/they will probably want to talk to you. No matter how dumb you feel, eventually you’re going to have to try starting a conversation about something you’re both interested in. If it seems too hard at the moment to do this, maybe wait a while until it seems like a better time.

Don’t start conversations if you don’t understand the subject matter; focus only what you know about. This sounds fairly obvious, but think about it: If you don’t watch football, don’t bring it up! It’ll make the other person feel odd if they’re doing all the talking.
After you can actually talk comfortably to him/her/them, they’re going to get used to talking to you.

, If you’re talking to a guy, licking your lips supposedly reminds them of kissing. Don’t do this too much or they’re going to think something’s wrong with you, like you are badly in need of Chapstick. Playing with your hair a little bit might be a good thing too, but go easy on this one.

If you’re a straight guy talking to a girl, make eye contact. Don’t stare her down, but don’t feel embarrassed. Girls really like it when guys give them a little ‘spark’ by looking at them. For both guys and girls, smile. Sad people look like they don’t want to be bothered. Smile when the person looks at you. Smile when you talk. And it doesn’t have to be a huge, great grin, it just has to be ‘a little something’.

, If you want to hint to them you like them (after you’ve been chatting and all for a while…), you don’t have to invite them to go somewhere with you if you’re uncomfortable with that. Once you get confidence, you can hint something like, “Hey, me, so-and-so, what’shisname, what’shername, and a couple other people are going to Miniature Golf this weekend. Wanna come?” Realize that you shouldn’t ask this as though you think they’ll say no. Say it as if you want them to come for fun, and then that might give you a hint on how much they like you. Also, it’ll make them feel pretty good that you’re inviting them with a few of your other friends instead of just taking them by themselves. Perhaps after a few of this outings, it won’t be so bad asking them on a real ‘date’.

, Take them somewhere you’re sure they’d love to go. If they’re into basketball, get tickets to a game of your hometown team. If they love a certain restaurant and seem to bring it up in conversation a lot, take them there.

, If you’re getting completely negative vibes, the person clearly isn’t right for you. It’s hard to be rejected but better to know so you can move on.

, Just treat them like you would any of your other friends. Then, unless they start loving you, you won’t have a problem.

, This will help you to stay focused on why you don’t want to date this person.

Drop hints that you don’t like this person. If you do like someone else, make that clear.

, If you happen to bump into each other or get paired in class, simply be polite and no more, do not engage in conversation and only offer grunts for answers if they ask you questions.

, Don’t beat about the bush. Just say that you think they’re a nice person but they’re not your type and you’re still looking for Mr./Ms./Mx. Right.

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