How to Deal with a Crush when Autistic



Start flirting.,
Watch their reactions and behavior.,
Ask a trusted friend for advice.,
Tell your crush your feelings.

When you flirt, watch them and see if they smile, look pleased, and/or flirt back. This can help you tell whether they are interested in you too. If they are uncomfortable, tone it down or stop. You may naturally have an idea of what to do, and here are some options:

Look at them from across the room, and smile.
Find ways to touch them, like fixing their hair, picking lint off their shirt, or touching their arm. (Don’t “trap” them, though; some people don’t like touching.)

Play with your hair.
Face your crush, and use open body language.
Compliment them once or twice.
Keep it light! Avoid smothering your crush with compliments or touching them too much. This can make them uncomfortable.

, This will help you analyze if they are responding positively to flirting, and if they like you back. Someone who is interested in you might flirt back, seek you out to talk more, and show signs of embarrassment (such as blushing or looking away) while smiling.

A disinterested person might use closed-off body language, avoid your touch, show signs of embarrassment while not smiling, and look away as if planning an escape. Either you are coming off too strong and need to tone it down, or they are not interested and you should stop.

, Sometimes, a person on the outside can be a more objective judge of what exactly is going on here. They can usually offer good advice about whether the other person likes you back, and what to do next.

, While confessing to your crush how you feel about them may not be the best idea depending on the circumstances, if you feel like it’s a good idea, then go for it. If you want the best chances of getting into a relationship, however, look at their signals and analyze them closely before telling them how you feel.

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