How to Deal with a Crush when Autistic



Recognize that rejection doesn’t determine your worth.,
Give yourself time to be sad.,
Take some space.,
Have fun.,
Talk to someone about your feelings.

There are a number of reasons why you could have been turned down: the other person is too busy to date, you aren’t their type, they have personal problems to work through, you aren’t compatible, et cetera. Just like how you wouldn’t want to date every single good person out there, they may reject good people.

Make a list of positive characteristics. Consider traits enhanced by autism, and traits unique to you.

, It’s normal to feel a mix of feelings after you lose an opportunity for a relationship. Take some extra “me” time, enjoy your special interests, and allow yourself to cry and watch cheesy TV shows.

Thoughts of self harm and/or suicide are not normal. You don’t deserve to feel that way, and you can get help.

, Spending lots of time around the other person isn’t healthy for you, because it will reignite old hurts.

, Get together with people you enjoy spending time with, do activities that you enjoy doing, and try new activities that you’ve always wanted to try. Whether your idea of fun is going to the beach with friends, watching movies with popcorn, or working on a novel, go for it. It’s good to break the cycle of sadness and do something you can enjoy.

Look for activities that can get you out of the house.
Loved ones can be a great distraction. Focus on them, how they feel, and what they’ve been up to. This can give you a break from your own problems.
Learn a new skill, whether it’s baking cookies or speaking another language.

, Turn to a family member, friend, or mentor whom you trust. They can help by offering a listening ear and helping you work through your feelings.

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