How to Deal With a Crush (for Guys)



Don’t give them any signs that you are desperately in love.,
If you’re interested in getting a date with this person, stay calm.,
Get help from a trustworthy friend.,
Act cool and collected around them.,
Stay clean.,
Before you try to talk to them, have a mental outline of what you’re going to say.,
When dealing with a person that has had a recent break-up, let them know that they have your support and that they can talk to you.,
Don’t act too confident!,
Don’t stress out.

Instead, try to get to know them or even be friends. They won’t like or date you if they don’t know you.;
, Don’t make a fool of yourself. Try to speak to them but make sure you don’t do anything bizarre.

, Tell them your problem and pay attention to any advice they give you. Since your friend is not the one in love, they are probably more clear-headed than you are just now.

, Try to pay attention to your appearance and look nice, but don’t overdo it. Just be yourself.

, You don’t want them to think you’re a slob. Make sure you smell good – no expensive cologne needed, just don’t reek. Whatever you do, don’t wear a ton of anything scented -especially stuff like AXE. Everyone can get sick of this. Believe me. The commercials about people attacking you are wrong.

, Know your topic, what you want to say about it, and what you want to ask them about it. Yes, you have to ask them questions, otherwise you are simply talking at them and you look dumb.

, But don’t go overboard. You have to make sure that you don’t sound like you are going to force them to cry on your shoulder.

, Although you should have some confidence in yourself, people really like it when guys are shy and awkward and cute. Too much confidence makes you look like arrogant or maybe even rude. But don’t overdo the awkwardness, it will come naturally. Overall, just behave naturally, like you would around your friends.

, Although you might not believe you’re on a date with the person don’t stress out about it because stressing can lead to a date disaster. Try to think about things they like if the conversation steers the wrong way.

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