How to Deal With a Big Annoying Sister (for Teenagers)



Try to resolve the issue with your sister.,
Seek a compromise.,
Walk away from the situation, if needed.,
Ask your parents to get involved.

Even when you and your sister have set strict boundaries, you both will test each other’s baseline limits from time to time. When this happens, try your best to resolve the conflict before either of you reaches your breaking point.

Let your sister know what the problem is, using “I statements.” For example, “I feel belittled when you talk to me like a little kid” or “I feel angry when you choose not to respect my clothing.”
Avoid the word “but.” This negates everything you’ve said before. For example, instead of saying “I see where you are coming from but I think you’re wrong” try “We can’t seem to agree on this.”;
, If you can’t resolve the issue, try to reach a compromise. Offer to change one thing about your behavior and urge her to do the same. Over time, these small concessions will have a big impact on your relationship.

For example, you could offer to knock every time you want to enter her room and she could offer to say “Hi” to you at school.

, If the conflict escalates out of control, remove yourself from the situation. This is a great way to control your anger. Walk away from your big sister and cool off. When both of you are calm, you can try talking again.

, If you’ve failed to resolve the issue on your own, ask your parents to step in as mediators. Once you’ve both shared your side of the story, let them help the two of you reach an agreement.

Take responsibility for your role in the conflict. This will show your parents that you are mature.

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