How to Date a Girl at Middle School when You’re Overweight



Put aside your feelings about your weight.,
Spend time talking together.,
Be well groomed.,
Pluck up the courage to ask.,
Be persistent.,
Keep calm.,
If you feel that you are unhappy with your appearance, see a doctor or a health professional and discuss your options.,
As for the girl you’re pursuing…make sure you like her for the right reasons.

Use your weight to your advantage. Act confident and like you know you’re overweight and don’t care. A lot of of girls will feel that you offer protection. If you really like a girl, the important thing is for her to like you back. She is more likely to respond positively to you if you are a caring, vibrant and outgoing person who shows respect and interest in her. Girls respond to kindness, respect and displaying interest in their life and needs. She will be less likely to focus on your weight and see your wonderful personality if you do too.;
, Try to get to know her first. Strike up a conversation over shared interests, such as books when in the library or nature when outdoors. After you have spent time talking together, start to compliment her in little ways here and there. She will notice and this will go beyond the matter of your size.

, Brush your hair, take a daily shower using good smelling shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Wear deodorant, and if you like, a little cologne. Brush, floss, and use mouth wash for oral hygiene. Clean your clothes, never wear them twice in a row.

, Think of a place that the two of you can go together where you will feel comfortable and that you think she will also like to go. Suggest going there together in a friendly, casual manner.

, If she says no, you are simply in dating land. Do not refocus on your weight. Instead, focus on the reality that dating is hard work! Your strength still remains in letting your potential girlfriend know what a great person you are by always being friendly, helpful and caring in your attitude toward her. And if you are naturally funny, share jokes and fun stories as well but don’t force it and don’t use humor to put yourself down – there is never any need to draw attention to your looks or weight in a derogatory manner.

, A calm, smooth and confident voice will always command attention, as will genuine eye contact. Focus on all the dating techniques – there are plenty on wikiHow.

, Join a gym or try to get hold of some home gym equipment and do some light weights and build up a regular cardiovascular exercise program. There are always ways to combat weight problems, they may take time and they may take a lot of effort but if you persevere you will get there.

, If you only like her because she’s “hot,” it’s probably not going to work out. You want a girl to see who you are as a person, so why not do the same for other girls?

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