How to Cure a Chicken from Egg Bound



Learn about the causes.,
Provide proper nutrients.,
Make sure she is active.

When you are keeping chickens, it is important that you understand common health concerns. For example, you should be familiar with common causes of egg binding. Age can be a factor. First time layers or senior chickens are most likely to become egg bound.Egg binding can be passed down between generations. There may be nothing you can do to prevent your hen from becoming egg bound.
An abnormal egg can also cause binding. This occurs when an egg is overly large or an odd shape.

, Your hen’s diet is important to your overall health. If she is not receiving the right nutrients, she is at a higher risk for becoming egg bound. Calcium and vitamin D are especially important for chickens.If her calcium levels are low, you can try placing a calcium block in her coop. Ask your vet before giving her any supplements.
If you live in an area with limited sunshine, your chicken might need more vitamin D. Consider adding sun lamps to her enclosure.

, Chickens need to move around in order to be healthy. Provide her with plenty of space to roam around. Make her enclosure as big as your yard allows.Scatter her food widely so that she will have to walk in order to get to it. Let her remain outside of her coop for a few hours each day.

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