How to Cure a Chicken from Egg Bound



Gather your supplies.,
Keep her warm and comfortable.,
Use massage.,
Apply lubricant.,
Consult your vet.

It is possible to treat an egg bound chicken at home. You will need a few things to help you cure her. Gather a tub warm water and epsom salts.You will also need some type of lubricant. You can use vegetable oil or petroleum jelly.
An egg bound chicken can die within 48 hours of not being able to pass an egg. If you are going to treat your chicken at home, do it sooner rather than later.

, Your chicken will likely be very anxious if she is not able to lay an egg. Do your best to make her feel at ease. Handle her gently and make sure that she is in a warm space.If she doesn’t object, have her sit in a warm tub of water for about 30 minutes.
Try keeping her in a steamy room. A small bathroom with a hot shower running is ideal. The temperature should be between 80-90 degrees. The heat will help her muscles relax so that she can more easily pass the egg., You can apply gentle pressure to try to help your chicken pass the egg. Using one hand, carefully rub her abdomen. Stop immediately if the hen is uncomfortable or anxious.This method is often successful, but it is important to very carefully handle your egg bound chicken. Use light pressure so that you do not accidentally break the egg inside of her.
While you are treating your chicken, keep her hydrated. You can offer her water with electrolytes.

, You can help your chicken expel the trapped egg more easily. Using your hand, apply lubricant such as vegetable oil to her bottom. You will want to wear latex gloves for this step.Give your chicken some time to relax. Leave her alone in a warm space for about 30 minutes and then check back on her.
If the egg has not passed after massage and lubricant, you may want to consider taking further action. It is possible to insert a sharp object into your chicken to break the egg. However, this is not recommended. The egg shell could shatter and puncture the chicken’s uterus.

, If you are unable to help your chicken pass her egg, you will want to seek medical help. Call your vet and ask if you can bring your chicken in for treatment. Your vet will have treatment options that are not available to you.He may recommend giving her a calcium shot, which will help the hen to pass the egg.
If this problem is chronic or hereditary, the vet may recommend spaying your chicken.

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