How to Create More Space for Your Cat



Try a cat tree.,
Hang cat shelves on your walls.,
Encourage your cat to climb on existing furniture.,
Create a path across vertical surfaces.

A cat tree is an easy way to create vertical space for your cat. You can purchase a simple cat tree at your local pet supply store. You can also build a cat tree for your feline friend. For example, you can build a cat tree using old dresser drawers, wooden boxes, or wooden tubes., Shelves are a great way to create space for your cat. By hanging cat shelves on your walls you can give your cat climbing space without sacrificing any floor space. You can purchase shelves made especially for cats or hang standard shelves. Just make sure the shelves are designed to hold the weight of your cat., An easy way to create more vertical space for your cat is by encouraging them to climb on existing furniture and fixtures in your house. For example, you can encourage your cat to play and climb on tall bookshelves, the refrigerator, or kitchen cabinets.

Make sure that any tall furniture is safely secured to the wall so that your cat can’t knock it over.

, Try to create paths across your cat’s climbing surfaces. For example, you can hang cat shelves between your refrigerator and a cat tree. This will allow your cat to climb easily between all the surfaces, creating additional vertical space for your pet.

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