How to Create a Cat Superhighway



Think about what type of highway you want to create.,
Decide where you want your superhighway to start.,
Determine where you want it to end.,
Draw your superhighway.,
Buy cat climbing shelves.,
Purchase pre-made cat furniture.,
Find furniture or other shelving units.,
Include furniture in your highway system.,
Fasten your shelves to the wall.,
Space everything appropriately.,
Adjust the highway.

Before you start building your cat superhighway you’ll need to do some thinking about it. Without a comprehensive vision, your project may not be a success. Decide whether you want:

A pathway where your kitty can jump from object to object.
A somewhat contiguous path for your cat to follow.
A highway that runs through most your home.
A highway that leads from one active part of your home to another.;
, The starting location is critical to the cat superhighway project. Not only should the starting location be in a place where the cat usually spends time or passes through, it should also be a comfortable spot for the cat.

Pick a place that is somewhat low to the ground. Ultimately, it should only be as high as your cat can jump from the ground or a piece of furniture.
Consider picking a part of your home you spend a lot of time in, like your TV room, den, or office., The ending point of your cat superhighway is as critical as the starting point. Ultimately, you’ll want your project to end in a place that your cat travels to frequently.

Much like with the starting point of the highway, your ending point should be somewhat low to the ground. Not only will the cat need to jump off it, but they’ll need to be able to jump back onto it.

, Once you’ve imagined your superhighway and determined starting and ending points, you need to commit it to paper. Without a blueprint, you won’t know what pieces you’ll need or where they will go.

Create a blueprint of the areas of your home where the superhighway will pass through.
Indicate whether the superhighway will have bridges, be spaced out, or be entirely contiguous.
Your blueprint doesn’t need to be exact or to scale. It should just give you a general idea of where your highway will go and where you’ll need to put the pieces.
Use a pencil so you can change your design if you want., You can purchase shelving specifically made for cats to climb on. These shelves are designed for the needs of cats. They’re wide enough for them to walk or sleep on and they have anchors that help them stay in the wall.

Feel free to substitute cat climbing shelves with regular shelves used for books or other purposes.
If you don’t want to buy shelves, purchase wood and carpet and create your own custom shelves., There are a variety of pre-made pieces of cat furniture that you can purchase to incorporate into your superhighway. These pieces will add diversity to your superhighway.

Buy cat scratching post towers. By incorporating a few of these, you’ll create a few points where your cat can get on and off the highway.
Use a cat condo or treehouse. This way, your cat can hangout and relax along the superhighway., You can fulfill two needs by buying furniture that fits your and your cat’s needs. Ultimately, you’ll find that a bookshelf or other shelving unit may be able to store your own items while serving as a critical piece of your cat superhighway.

Purchase a couple tall bookshelves and place them in convenient areas. Remember, though, you want to make sure the cat can safely reach the bookshelves from another piece of the highway.
Buy shelving units. You can incorporate standalone wooden shelves, wire shelves, or just about anything to serve as a piece of your cat superhighway., If a specific piece of furniture or feature of your home, like a fireplace mantle, is in the path of your highway, you should include it. By including it, you’ll save money, save time, and add a different element to your highway system.

Clear off the tops of furniture or home features that you are going to include in your system. For example, if there is a bookshelf along the highway, make sure nothing is on top of it, so your cat can travel on it safely.
Secure pieces of furniture that you are including. For example, bookshelves often come with small pieces of fabric that you can secure to the wall behind them. This way, your bookshelf won’t fall when the cat jumps on and off it., Perhaps the most important safety aspect of creating your superhighway is to make sure the shelves and other parts of the highway are fastened to the wall. This way, they won’t fall off when your cat jumps or walks on them.

Secure shelves into studs or fasten bookshelves to drywall.
Add extra vertical supports to shelves if you don’t think the shelf will support your cat’s weight.
Put a 10 to 20-pound (4.5 to 9 kg) weight on the shelves. Consider leaving the weight on the shelves for a few hours. This will help you verify that the shelf will hold your cat’s weight., When putting up your superhighway, you’ll need to make sure that the pieces of your project are spaced so your cat can either walk or jump along the highway without falling.

Try to avoid spacing pieces more than 1 or 2 feet apart.
If you want, you don’t have to leave any spaces between the pieces. You can create a continuous highway from one room of the house to another room., You’ll likely also have to adjust the highway to make it better suited to your cat. This is important, as the initial design of your project may not fit the needs of your cat. In the end, you may have to adjust the highway several times before your cat is happy with it.

Observe your cat. Spend a little time watching your cat use the highway. Try not to be obvious about it, though.
If you notice your cat getting off the superhighway before it ends, you may need to adjust it. In addition, if you notice your cat skipping several pieces of the highway and getting on elsewhere, you should change it.
You may need to move pieces closer to each other, add new pieces, or substitute pieces of the highway that are problematic. For example, your cat may not like jumping down from a high piece onto a bookshelf. You could fix this by lowering the higher piece by about a foot.

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