How to Cope with Perfectionist Parents



Avoid taking your parents’ perfectionism personally.,
Make a list of your positive qualities.,
Take pride in your accomplishments.,
Spend time with positive people.,
Avoid comparisons.

Your parents’ perfectionism says more about their personal issues than it does about you. Maybe their parents were overly critical of them, too, or maybe they don’t know how to tell you they care about you in a healthy way.Learn to give yourself praise rather than relying on other’s approval. Practice giving yourself a compliment after each time you feel put down by your parent’s remarks.

, Take five or ten minutes to write down everything you like about yourself. Include personality traits, skills, and habits that you’re proud of. Save your list, and glance at it when you’re feeling down about yourself.If you have a poor self-image, ask a trusted friend to help you come up with a list of your best traits.

, You don’t need your parents’ permission to be proud of the things you’ve achieved so far. Think back on your successes, big and small, and congratulate yourself.Your accomplishments don’t have to be perfect or life-changing to be worthy of pride. For instance, starting a successful business is an impressive achievement, but so is studying hard to bring your history grade from a D up to a B.

, The people you surround yourself with have a big impact on how you see yourself. If you feel stressed or anxious around your parents, seek out people who are supportive and accepting of you instead.For instance, you could spend more time with your friends and their parents.

, A competitive mindset makes you see yourself, as well as everyone else, in a negative light. If you’re in the habit of comparing yourself to other people, stop. Focus on appreciating people’s positive qualities without putting yourself down in the process.

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