How to Convince Your Parents to Get You a Hamster



Research hamsters and their habits.,
Talk to your parents.,
Be persistent without being annoying.,
Be patient.,
Plan financially for your hamster’s care.,
Write a letter to your parents stating, gently but clearly, why you want a hamster.,
Your parents probably won’t get you a hamster if you have a history of not being responsible or having bad grades.,
Draw an example of a hamster cage.,
Decide on a place to keep your hamster.,
Don’t bring the hamster up too much.,
Pay for it yourself.

You’ll learn that they live around 2-3 years. They are sensitive to light, heat, and many other things such as pets and small children. If you have cats or dogs that might try to eat it, think twice. They can’t be kept in direct sunlight or in drafty areas, and need a pretty stable temperature such as 70 or 75 degrees. They also need to be handled every day to stay friendly, and need to have their cage cleaned once every two weeks or so. Don’t clean it too often or they might get sick. Also, have a big cage: the bigger the better. You shouldn’t get a hamster just because they’re cute, you should get it because you are ready for the responsibility.;
, Tell them you have researched hamsters and looked up pet stores, shelters, and breeders around the area. Explain your plans to take care of the hamster. If your parents say yes, you will need a wheel without bars (solid surface so they don’t get stuck), cage bedding, hamster food, a cage (really big and make sure it will fit in your room), and a water bottle.

, If they say maybe, you could be lucky! Go to the pet store to show them a hamster and tell them all the interesting things you’ve learned about hamsters. Get them interested in the subject and you may be able to change their minds.

, After a few weeks or days, they might say yes. If not, ask for the reason, but don’t beg, give them more time to think about it if they need it . There are lots of reasons for and against getting a pet. For example, if you have other animals they might say something like “We don’t need a hamster” or “We have cats!” If you know why they refused, you can either give up, or plan how to convince them in the future. If they say no, don’t have a fit; just ask them again in a month or so and every once in a while drop them a hint that you still want one like tell them a fact or two.

, You’ll need at least a hundred dollars, which you can get by selling lemonade or having a garage sale.

, Also, show that you consider the reasons for not having one use something like a pros and cons list. Your parents will be more likely to give in to the good and constructive argument.

, Try to do your chores without them asking you or try to get better grades in school. If your parents see that you are responsible enough for the upkeep of a hamster, they might let you have one!

, Include everything your hamster will need, and add the prices of all the items (cage included).

, If you have other animals, put it in a place separate from them, but try to put in a place where you go often, like the living room or your bedroom.

, It doesn’t help with anything except making your parents feel more pressured.

, You may not want to, but it probably will help convince your parents. Also, it might be a little expensive they are not really cheap.Don’t forget to set aside some money to pay for a vet trip if you have to.

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